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How weight loss pills can help you to lose weight

We are about to guide you through the safest and potentially most successful ways of losing weight.

To lose weight people have been using weight loss products for centuries with great success. Nowadays there are so many weight loss pills on the market, it is just too complicated to chose the right one for you and that is where our website comes into place giving you professional advice on how you supposed to make your decision depending on different factors.

If your goal is to lose fat while enjoying some of the freedom of eating cheat meals than you are at the right place because these product can aid your fat loss even not exercising or dieting but the end result wastly depends on your commitment. So for example if you eat cheat meal every days than you may see results in only a couple of weeks using one of the products we sell in partnership with Amazon however if you decided to stick to a not soo strick diet and exercise a couple of times a week than you may see the result in a couple of days.

The products we promote work different ways, some of the products combine these ways making it even more successful for you to lose weight.

The most important thing to mention is that by taking weight loss pills you can actually reduce the risk of the most common health diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular disease and by changing your habits when it comes to consuming food and exercising out will gain with way more benefits than just the loss of your fat storages. Your immune system will be stronger as well.

The 3 most important components of your food intake are called macros, they are the carbohydrate, protein and fat. You have to find the healthy balance of these macros in your meals, the recommended ratio is 20:50:30 respectively.


Weight Loss Pills presents - 2 types of carbohydrates


To find out how much calorie you should consume a day please visit Bodybuilding.com's macro calculator page by clicking on the link.

- Carbohydrates:

There are two important type of carbs which are the slow digesting carbs (low Glycemic Index = low GI) and high GI carbs (sugars, honey, puffered cereals, potatoes, candy, bread etc). The difference between these two types lays in the way they affect the blood sugar level. 1g of carbohydrate providey you 4 kcal.

The low GI carbs will stay in your stomac longer, their absorbtion is slower and therefore they fulfill you longer providing a steady and long lasting energy source and your blood sugar level increases slowly.

The high GI carbs such as potatoes, pastas and breads will spike your blood sugar level providing an energy burst for you but for a small period of time meaning if you don't do any physical activity right after you eat high GI carbohydrates your body will use the minimum energy for it's survival and will STORE THE REST OF THE ENERGY AS FAT. As you can see it is vital to as less of the high GI carbs as possible in order to prevent any energy being stored as fat around your waste.


Carbohydrates before weight loss pills:

Weight Loss Pills presents - 2 types of carbohydrates

 - Protein:

Proteins are long molecules made from chemical units called amino acids. There are over 20 different type of amino acids but the 3 most important amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine. The proteins are the building blocks of your body cells and therefore vital for your survival. You have to consume enough protein on a daily bases to be able to build new cells and that is why your body's protein needs is around 40% of the total calorie intake, 1g of protein provides 4 kcal (like the carbs).


Protein consumption:

Weight Loss Pills presents - protein consumption

- Fat:

There are a couple of type of fats but we are only going to mention the most important ones for you to make it more simple. What you have to know about fats is that the animal fat products are likely to cause weight gain and the fats from plants are less likely to cause fat gain. The this comes down to the fact that the two most important type if fats when it comes to weight loss are the saturated fats and unsaturated fats. 1g fat provides 9 kcal.

The Saturated fats are bad for you because it takes longer for your body to process them and therefore they more than likely to stay longer in your system meaning more time for it to be stored as fat. Saturated fats normally appear in animal products such as meats so you have to be carefull with them, try to eat as less as possible. Some quantity of saturated fat has got benefits but try to consume less than 10-15% of your fat intake from saturated fat sources.

The Unsaturated fats on the other hand are the good ones, you need the for some of the fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. Your body needs some fat in order to survive because these vitamins cannot be processed in your system without them. As we mentioned it above try to consume 15-20% of your calorie intake from good fat sources but please bear it in mind that 1 gramm fat provides 9 kcal not like the carbs and proteins (1 gramm of carb or protein provides only 4 kcal energy).

So to recap: You should have visited Bodybuilding.com's macro calculator to establish your daily calorie intake so now you know where to start with your diet.


Explanation of fats:

Weight Loss Pills presents - types of fats


Water consumption:

Water is very important for our body as our body contains 75% water and we lose water through our skin by sweating and exhaling air. The recommended water intake for an 80kg (175lbs) person is about 130oz (3.7Litre) water per day to refill the body and to wash out all the toxins what our body filters out. This is a crucial part of your diet as when your body will burn more fat from your fat storages it will produce more toxins than before and if you don't wash these toxins out of your body than they build up and can cause you long term health problems.

Try to drink a glass of water before every meal so this way you will be full sooner and you will drink more than you would normally do.



For our detailed exercise guide please on the link.

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